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Durants Media Ltd is a global provider of media intelligence solutions. With a local dedicated team of intel watchers, our members on the ground in EA deliver what matters. 
We service reputable brands and organizations in both private and public sector in East Africa.

Set up in 2010 initially to provide a robust music content database for the buzzing music industry in East Africa, we realized that there was need to deliver broader media analysis and validated content capture that is real time and easy to access across all platforms in Kenya.   

We provide media monitoring, analysis, and databases services across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV, and radio.   Our real-time analytics, presented with powerful visualizations and flexible reporting functions, allow you to demonstrate your media impact with ease.  Our customized solutions combine unrivaled human insight from a global team of researchers and analysts with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide valuable, relevant, and actionable insights.   Our clients include Music Artistes, Producers, Music Agents, Advertising agencies, PR Practitioners, Communication professionals in all industries in the private sector, Media owners, Government, and NGOs, Individuals and Private corporate bodies.    We enable you focus on strategy and impactful planning in your organization, by offering monitored and captured data in refined and easily simplified solutions that take the hassle out interpreting captured media data.
How We Partner With You
Durants Media Ltd has developed tools, products and services previously unheard of in the media industry in East Africa.  Our monitoring platform is the most advanced, accurate and comprehensive web-based media monitoring and intelligence tool available regionally. This includes products and services aimed at companies, agencies, media houses, musicians and individuals. In Kenya, we track and monitor over 50 TV and Radio stations and all major daily, weekly and periodic publications in Kenya.    Our digital web based interface is easy to use, very simple to navigate and engage. We also offer and deliver a unique client specific media platform that is highly customer-friendly enabling you receive vast amounts of information based on your unique needs.
What we do
We are a fully integrated media intelligence solutions provider enabling you to make informed business decisions through distribution, monitoring, and analysis of local, regional, and/or international media across traditional print, broadcast, online, and social outlets.

Be in the know, get media intelligence.

We provide media monitoring, analysis, and databases services across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV, and radio.